The Mauritian Creole Buddies

We speak Kreol Morisien and we'll help you learn Creole so that you can talk with the beautiful people of Mauritius.

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What we do

Which category do you fit in?

  • Tourist coming on holiday to Mauritius
  • Expat living on the island
  • Foreign national of Mauritian origin who cannot speak Creole
  • Local resident who wants to learn writing proper Kreol Morisien
  • Just someone who is fascinated with the language

It doesn't really matter.

This is a community for all things Creole/Mauritius!

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  • Created Mar 2020
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The Mauritian Creole Buddies

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This is a premium community exclusive to our members regarding Creole. Some of the discussions have been made public but read-only for you to get a taste of what it's like on the inside. Membership is £3.98 (approx. Rs199) for 30 days access, collected through Paypal and can be subsequently renewed or cancelled as you see fit.

For a beginners guide to creole, check out our course.


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